About Us

I created The Franchise Search Group to help people like you who want to invest in a franchise to make the best possible decision based on your individual situation. I consider where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to go. I analyze your experiences, resources, and goals to help you choose the best franchise opportunity for you to reach your financial and lifestyle goals.

I am uniquely qualified to help you. I earned an MBA from Harvard Business School with an emphasis in Finance. I have headed up five start-ups, growing the largest to 950 employees in just 3 years. In addition, I have been in senior management within the franchise sector and consulted numerous companies interested in franchising their businesses. I believe in today’s economy, the franchise system is the lowest risk way for you to succeed in owning your own business. The single best piece of advice I can give you on this website is that if you are going to make one of the largest and most impactful decisions in your life you should seek the best expertise available.

Let’s consider the following case study before going any further. Here is the situation and a question with four answers. Any of the four answers could be right for you, but only one answer warrants staying on this website.


We have an individual, Jessie, who is searching for the “right” franchise to purchase. Jessie knows that becoming a business owner is a big decision, requiring a significant financial commitment as well as a major life-style change. Although having had a successful career has provided great managerial experience, Jessie recognizes selecting the right franchise may be one of the most important decisions yet. So after searching the internet, talking to friends and absorbing all the information that Jessie could find, it has become apparent that seeking out knowledgeable assistance in sorting through all this would be of tremendous benefit and value.


After narrowing the options down, whom should Jessie seek advice and council from?

  1. Uncle Bernie, who worked for GM for 30 years, is now retired. Bernie is Dad’s brother and Jessie has known Bernie forever.
  2. Jessie’s best friend’s cousin, Jill, worked at McDonalds during college. She has had first-hand experience with a franchise and food service experience.
  3. The Franchise Search Group will allow Jessie to have access to their Harvard MBA to guide Jessie through the process.
  4. Jessie could, after careful thought and consideration, decide to go it alone. After all, Jessie is the smartest person Jessie knows.

If you were Jessie, which answer would you choose? Any of these answers could be correct. If you chose any answer other than C you should immediately X out of this website, because you are wasting your time and at some point will be wasting ours. However if you chose C, you should continue to soak up all the helpful information this website has to share with you and then contact us to begin the process. You have passed the test. Congratulations!

Doug McCright
Founder and CEO

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